Xirkle is an ecommerce store and search engine company that delivers high quality products and relevant online information to the public.

Whitepaper: Xirkle's Official WhitePaper

Smart Contract
In code, it’s a self-executing order between two people. The blockchain confirms all transactions, which makes smart contracts immutable and trustworthy without a 3rd party.
XIR is fungible by design and pursuit. In code, XIR is identical regardless of its source. Simply, you can buy it from a crypto coin exchange or another person, and it’s still a XIR token.
For us, XIR was created to facilitate ecommerce ideas. With XIR, you can send it to anyone in the world with an Ethereum digital wallet. It’s only limited by your balance & a small order fee.
Most precious metals are very durable; however, it’s not efficient for every day use. With XIR, it’s efficient and secured in the blockchain by design, while accessible with your private key.
Unlike fiat currencies, XIR has a maximum supply of 88 million coins. Just like earth’s resources, there’s a finite supply. XIR was precisely pre-mined, secured, and verified by the blockchain.
Gold, silver, and modern fiat currencies can be counterfeited; however, crypto coins cannot be counterfeited because of three core automatic components: blockchain confirmations, crypto coin miners, and unique hash transaction

Whitepaper: Xirkle's Official WhitePaper
Xirkle on Stellar Explorer:
Circulating Supply: 21,000,000
Pre-mine Maximum Supply: 88,000,000
Name of Cryptocurrency: Xirkle
Ticker Symbol: XIR

Approximated Distribution of Funding


O. Tom Chhuong

O. Tom Chhuong has 10+ years of experience in SEO & SEM, which includes small and enterprise ecommerce platforms, Linux web server admin, website development and a practitioner of crypto coins and its corresponding platforms. He’s currently the VP, SEO Manager (bank & mortgage) for Citibank. Previously, Tom built, marketed and sold, a PPC search engine in late 2004.
Human Resource & Training

Carlos Lugo

Master Chief Lugo, a decorated soldier and a native of Brooklyn, NY, enlisted in the United States Navy in July 1996. Following completion of basic training at Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois he reported to Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, where he completed Quartermaster “A” School. Master Chief Lugo is currently serving as the Assistant Program Manager for the Sailor 2025 program at Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Support Division Orlando. In this role, Carlos will advise Xirkle on human resources, personnel training, and team development.
Big Data & DB Management

Priya Patil

Priya Patil has over 10 years extensive experience in data warehousing, decision support systems, in client/server environment. She has deep-level experience in implementing data warehousing solutions for large enterprises like Northwell Health, NYU Langone Medical Center, Metlife, HP and Compaq Computers. She has worked as an ETL Architect, Developer, Admin, Tester, BI developer and Hadoop Developer. Skill sets include Oracle, SQL server, DB2 and Big Data. ETL tools included Informatica, Datastage, SSIS on Windows, Linux and AIX environment. In this role, Priya will advise Xirkle on big data & DB management and IT related projects.
Business Development & Analytics

Edson Santos

Edson is an experienced digital marketer currently working as VP at Citibank on Digital Acquisition Analytics. He has been working in digital marketing and analytics for +10 years, working for fortune 100 companies, such as Coca- Cola, Walmart, Google and Citibank. In this role Edson will advise Xirkle on business development and website analytics. In this role, Edson will advise Xirkle on business development and website analytics.
Senior PHP Developer

Alan Dano

Alan has extensive web development experience with helping start-ups and enterprise companies, while enhancing existing codes and implementing best practices across all platforms and devices. His skill sets include GIT, LAMP, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and JavaScript with jQuery and jQueryUI. In this role, Alan will advise Xirkle on all web development, UX, and blockchain projects.
Business Administration

Michael Xiang

Michael Xiang is a Law Office Supervisor at California Department of Justice, Office of the Attorney General. Michael Xiang has more than 10 years of experience in the law office environment. As a supervisor for the California Attorney General, he currently manages a team of legal secretaries and supporting personnel. He hires office staff, provides staff training, manages office projects, and recommends procedure changes. In this role, Michael will advise Xirkle on business administration, business development, and HR related projects.
Sr Business Analyst

Babu Ramabadran

Babu is a Senior Business Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He has been a consultant in software development and analysis for 10+ years; has worked at Fortune 500 companies such as Visa, Wells Fargo, Verizon, and Pacific Gas & Electric PGE (California). In this role, Babu will advise Xirkle on business analysis best practices and business development strategies.