Xirkle (XIR) Holiday Airdrop

UPDATE: This holiday airdrop has ended. If you submitted an airdrop claim, please wait for your XIR distribution on January 3, 2019.
Thank you for your patience!

Let’s redefine the old customer loyalty rewards program.

At Xirkle, our mission is to reward our members for using our services and/or for holding our XIR crypto tokens.

Start 2019 with a bang! For this holiday season, we’re celebrating cryptocurrencies by giving away a limited number of XIR tokens to first come first serve participants. We’re giving away 18,000 XIR tokens. Unlike other airdrops, XIR is already listed and trading on three crypto coin exchanges.

With your help, we’ll build a blockchain system, which will earn you fractional XIR tokens for simply supporting our services. Our flagship service is a specially designed Telegram based multi-coin crypto wallet called Xirklebot. Xirklebot is easily accessible on Telegram at https://t.me/xirklebot

Xirklebot is a secured, fast, and easy to use digital currencies wallet, which supports these popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XLM, XIR. You can use it to send, receive, and store digital currencies or trade them with friends, family or anyone in the world. Xirklebot now supports crypto coin swapping for up to 120 crypto currencies via our Changelly integration*. (Ex: swap BTC for ETH or swap ETH for XRP) The choice is yours.

Xirklebot is increasing in popularity among crypto enthusiasts and early adopters of cryptocurrencies. We would be happy to welcome you into our community.

Xirkle(XIR) is running a holiday crypto coin airdrop starting December 3, 2018 until December 31, 2018. It’s easy to participate.

You only need to join our Telegram group and submit some basic information about yourself to receive our XIR tokens.

Do the following:

      • Follow us on Telegram (required). https://t.me/xirkletoken
      • Activate your Xirklebot if you want to earn more XIR tokens
        • Create a new Stellar* account
          • *requires 5 XLM to activate account
        • Use Xirklebot wallet if you don’t have any XLM coins
      • Submit your airdrop information to us. That’s it!
  • In order to receive your XIR tokens airdrop, you’ll need to tell us your Stellar (public key).

    Note: If you don’t join our Telegram community, you’re not going to receive the 9 XIR.XIR token airdrop: 9 XIR tokens per person & per verified Telegram username
    XIR will be distributed to all Telegram verified usernames on January 3, 2019.

    Maximum XIR token airdrop: 18,000 (first come first serve)

    Xirkle (XIR) is currently tradable on StellarTerm.comEcex.exchange,
    StellarPort.io, and Lobstr app or website.
    Note: We reserved the right to cancel this promotional airdrop without notice.

    Here’s an example of the Stellar public and secret key. Tell us your public key, but secured your private key.
    Click here to create a new Stellar account.


    You must add Xirkle (XIR) as a trustline or accept our asset, or else we can’t send you any XIR tokens.

    Here’s how to add XIR as a trustline if you’re using StellarTerm or other Stellar wallets. You only need two data points:

    Asset code: XIR

    Manually add XIR as trustline

    If you want to buy Xirkle (XIR) tokens, please create an account on StellarTerm. After you’ve generated your account keypair (public & private), you must activate it by sending at least 5 XLM to your Stellar public account. You can buy XLM from a crypto coin exchange and send them to your Stellar public account. All Stellar public account starts with the upper-case letter “G”. All Stellar private key starts with the upper-case letter “S”. Do not share your private key! Keep it safe. If you lose your private key, it’s lost forever. There’s no private key recovery.

    Need to swap or convert your cryptocurrencies?
    Try Changelly now. It’s fast and easy.

    Note: On other Stellar wallets such as Xirklebot, Papayabot, there’s no XLM requirement. Lobstr requires one XLM. Stellarport only requires less than 3 XLM to activate your account and it shows an unverified asset for Xirkle (XIR); however, we’re still tradable on StellarTerm, StellarX and Ecex.exchange.

    Disclaimer: This is not an investment and you’re not obligated to participate in this airdrop. Xirkle (XIR) is currently tradable on StellarTerm.com, StellarX.com, and Ecex.exchange. Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and you might lose some or all of your investment. *Xirkle receives a nominal commission fee for swapping crypto coins via the Changelly integration. Void where prohibited by law.