Durability of Crypto Coins

Traditionally, precious metals such as gold or silver are very durable. However, it’s not very functional in our fast pace modern world. Fiat currencies are generally durable too; however, they’re easy to tear and the paper acts as a carrier for disease and other unknown bacteria from every day use. For those people who likes to carry cash, it’s also a invitation for would-be thieves and its usage facilitates counterfeit bank notes or bills.

On other hand, crypto coin and/or tokens are generally easy to use and it’s never stored in your digital wallet. In fact, nearly all crypto coins are stored in decentralized distributed public ledger. Unlike banks and other financial entities, crypto coin’s blockchain has no single point of failure because it’s not centralized. Plus, the only way in to access your coins and its matching balance is with a private key, which one maintained by you or a crypto coin exchange.