Xirkle Roadmap

Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” by Lao Tzu (a renowned Chinese philosopher, born 604 BC)

Isn’t it time you sit down with yourself and consider how crypto coins can help you financially? First, let’s cover the backstory.

Unless you’re from another planet, you’ve probably heard about crypto coins or cryptocurrencies. It’s no secret that Bitcoin and other alternative coins (altcoins) have exploded into the financial world. In fact, Bitcoin alone represents a $123 billion market capitalization at $7387.62 per coin as of this writing. Collectively, those cryptocurrencies comprise $199 billion market capitalization and 1263 coins and/or tokens.

Despite its exponential growth, most crypto coins are based upon a future idea or concept with no product or service in sight. With this said, it’s highly speculative and nearly all crypto coins traders are looking for the next coolest or hyped coins, or initial coin offerings (ICO).

Here’s an idea worth considering. What if there was an ecommerce store that rewards you for simply shopping. There’s more…Unlike other loyalty reward programs, Xirkle will reward you with our reward points and our fractional crypto coin called XIR. Based upon your shopping, we will reward you with fractional XIR tokens and purchase points that will never expire. In fact, your XIR tokens will actually grow over time because it will be listed on those crypto coin exchanges, which are driven by global market supply and demand. Moreover, if you have enough reward points and/or XIR tokens, you can actually use it to pay for your future purchases without using your credit cards. It’s that simple! Yes, we have 3-day free shipping too.

We’ll change your mind about loyalty reward programs forever. We aim to create the best customer retention program that you will ever see.

We live in an increasingly complex world; however, we want to simplify it by making your shopping experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

Let’s be honest. It’s not going to easy. So let’s talk about how we’re going to achieve those goals going into 2018 and beyond via our Xirkle Roadmap.

To date, we’ve completed three major Xirkle milestones: search engine, ecommerce store, and our minimum viable product(MVP) loyalty rewards

People should have the liberty or “libertas” to use a search engine at will without unnecessary monitoring. At Xirkle, we started our one thousand mile journey by creating an anonymous search engine called Xirkle. Why is it anonymous? We strongly believe that your search queries should be private and it’s none of our business what you’re looking for online.

People should treat each other fairly in all relationships. This fairness between individuals or “aequitas” creates a prosperous society. In crypto coins, it’s the birth of a new beginning for all. With this said, we reinforced this notion by creating a curated e-commerce store called Xirkle store. At its core, Xirkle store represents a unique way for us to reward all online customers for shopping at our store. For instance, our customer loyalty program will instantly reward new customers for simply signing up with us. Plus, you can earn more rewards points by sharing our Xirkle store with friends and family via your social circle.

Download whitepaper: Xirkle’s Official WhitePaper

Xirkle’s Roadmap for 2017 & Q1:2019