Xirkle is an ecommerce store and search engine company that delivers high quality products and relevant online information to the public.

Whitepaper: Xirkle’s Official WhitePaper

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Smart Contract
In code, it’s a self-executing order between two people. The blockchain confirms all transactions, which makes smart contracts immutable and trustworthy without a 3rd party.

XIR is fungible by design and pursuit. In code, XIR is identical regardless of its source. Simply, you can buy it from a crypto coin exchange or another person, and it’s still a XIR token.

For us, XIR was created to facilitate ecommerce ideas. With XIR, you can send it to anyone in the world with an Ethereum digital wallet. It’s only limited by your balance & a small order fee.

Most precious metals are very durable; however, it’s not efficient for every day use. With XIR, it’s efficient and secured in the blockchain by design, while accessible with your private key.

Unlike fiat currencies, XIR has a maximum supply of 88 million coins. Just like earth’s resources, there’s a finite supply. XIR was precisely pre-mined, secured, and verified by the blockchain.

Gold, silver, and modern fiat currencies can be counterfeited; however, crypto coins cannot be counterfeited because of three core automatic components: blockchain confirmations, crypto coin miners, and unique hash transaction

Whitepaper: Xirkle’s Official WhitePaper
Xirkle on Stellar Explorer:
Circulating Supply: 21,000,000
Pre-mine Maximum Supply: 88,000,000
Name of Cryptocurrency: Xirkle
Ticker Symbol: XIR

Buy & Sell XIR: StellarX, or StellarTerm

Approximated Distribution of Funding