Portability of Crypto Coins

Physical objects are good if you want to see and feel its presence. However, it lacks efficiency because you’ll need to secure and maintain it over time. In crypto coins, it’s always there in your digital wallet and nearly impossible to hack unless you tell the world you private key or password. Moreover, if you need to send crypto coins to a person or a company, you can easily do this if they have an Ethereum digital wallet address.

Here’s an example of a real ETH address: 0x3144773e0454C366eeDC02Ee1FE6A887aC86D2d0
Yes, you support our cause by sending any ETH to this address listed above. Thank you so much!

Note: Ethereum addresses always start with “0x”.

Here’s how to get your own free Ethereum (ETH) digital wallets, and its matching ETH address.

  • MyetherWallet*- It’s free to use. No ads. No personally identifiable information (PII).
  • MetaMask* – It’s free to use via Chrome browser extension. No ads. No PII.

*Note: All blockchains charge a small transaction to buy or send coins and/or tokens.